Tuesday, February 5

Challenges revisited

I've been challenging myself with book projects for awhile now -- finish reading War and Peace, read all of Jane Austen, finish off my to-read shelf, read more non-fiction -- but why do I always focus on books? Because it makes me seem smarter? Sure, that's one reason, but perhaps it's just habit. Or avoiding the stigma of saying, "I think I should watch more movies." (I can't really say I should watch more TV because I think we all know I watch plenty. And occasionally re-watch Dawson's Creek with my almost step-daughter because she must learn the joys of Pacey Witter as soon as possible. Bygones.) The point is this: I don't watch enough movies. Although my Netflix queue has always been long, I usually had a fairly decent turnover, and I went to the actual movies pretty regularly. Now I go to the movie theater once every couple of months, and Netflix rentals languish at my house for months, almost years. (I apologize if anyone was waiting for Young Adult since last March. I finally returned it! No, I didn't watch it, but it's available on Instant now.)

So my challenge is this: I want to watch more movies, and pare down the 504-DVD-long queue on Netflix. (I'm not too worried about the 87-movie long Instant queue, because there's a lot of crossover.)

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