Wednesday, July 3

Now I see

Last week, I convinced J.R. to watch Blink, the mid-'90s thriller with Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn. (Side note: Does Aidan always play a cop? Bygones.) I've always liked the movie (I used to own it on VHS), though I can't quite pinpoint why -- I like Quinn, but he was never a favorite of mine, and Stowe is alright, though she'll always have a place in my heart because of Last of the Mohicans and Bad Girls. (Bad Girls! Such a bad movie, so much fun.)

Parenthetical asides aside, the movie made me start thinking about other thrillers/scary movies that featured blind women -- it seems like some kind of Hollywood trope to terrorize chicks who can't see. Off the top of my head I can think of Jennifer 8 (also not a great movie, but my name's in the title, people) and the classic Audrey Hepburn vehicle, Wait Until Dark. Am I missing any others? Three seems like too small a number for Hollywood repetition.

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Angie said...

Wait Until Dark is so terrifying! I can't think of any other movies where blind women are terrorized. But here are some other options... Tear jerker blind woman movie: Ice Castles (Sob!) Val Kilmer as blind man who sees: At First Sight. Blind superhero: Daredevil. Of course, there is always Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.