Monday, March 17

Post-post-Oscar watch

Despite all my best intentions to see Oscar-nominated movies before the actual Oscars occurred, life had other plans. (Were they wedding-related plans? Sure. Were they generally a pain in the ass? You betcha.) Bygones. The point is this: I finally saw American Hustle and Gravity, in an attempt to discern what all the fuss was about and to determine if Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence should only act in movies together in the future.

First up was American Hustle, because it was supposed to be comedy and Gravity was only still available for viewing in 3-D, and that shit gives me a headache. American Hustle was fantastic and strange and often awkward funny, but still great. Christian Bale, as usual, loses himself in the role, and although Bradley and Jennifer didn't really have any scenes together, by the fact that I didn't hate him in the movie, nor think of him as Bradley Cooper the entire time, I decree that they should, in fact, only act in movies together.

We caught Gravity last night, and I was forced to succumb to the non-existent joys of 3-D. The movie was gorgeous and often almost breathtaking, but I felt that the 3-D actually distracted from the cinematography (which was the strongest character in the movie). I did end up with a headache by the end, but my love for Sandra Bullock and George Clooney was reaffirmed.

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