Thursday, April 3

Geek girl's first con

WelcomeOver the weekend, J.R. and I went to Emerald City Comic Con -- it was my first time at ECCC and my first con ever, really. (Unless you count work conferences that center on publishing, and since I did get to talk to the editor of Playboy, perhaps it should count? Bygones.) J.R. and the kids have been going the past few years, and I've been too busy with work to take off for a Friday through Sunday escapade to hang out with out other geeked-out fans. Until now!

I have to admit, it was pretty awesome, and not just because I got to see multiple panels on Supernatural, my current TV obsession of choice. (Okay, it was due in large part to all things Supernatural.) I got to see Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura to those who don't know) help a couple get engaged; I got to see many, many tricked out costumes (we can't figure out why Poison Ivy is such a popular costume, but our weekend tally was somewhere around 19 Ivys); and I got to see both Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard (Bobby and Crowley!) twice (and Kevin Chan, aka Osric Chau, lined up for a question for Mark). In sum, it was fucking awesome. I highly recommend, and I hope I can go again next year.

More pictures here, but really, a phone camera can only do so much, people.

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