Tuesday, December 16

Old school

Despite being a somewhat geeky lover of the interwebs and all things techno-cool, in many ways, I don't like change. I don't want my entire life to be digitized. I don't want to spend the majority of my days tethered to my smartphone. I don't want to buy only e-books. I don't want my music to exist only in some theoretical "cloud." I like real books. I like holding them, and turning the pages as I read. I like buying actual CDs, so I can read the liner notes and (hopefully) lyrics. I still believe in my iPod over my phone, and I still have an actual CD/cassette player in my house.

And despite all appearances to the contrary, I still love this blog. Today, I went on a nostalgia-fueled tour of some of my old favorite blogs -- some are still active (Bookslut!), some naturally went the way of the dinosaur (Papel-blog), and some are still there, but more and more infrequent (me?).

Which is all just a way to say: I got a new CD for my birthday, and I dig liner notes (but not in that "I'm such a cool hipster I only listen to vinyl" way).

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