Tuesday, December 23

Read Hard 2: Read Harder

I think you all know I enjoy a good reading challenge. Read all of Jane Austen? Done. Finally finish War and Peace? Check. Read more nonfiction? Delightfully non-specific, but I'm pretty sure going from 0 to 8 nonfiction books read this year counts as winning. And, as you know, since Goodreads started counting, I've been challenging myself to read a certain number of books each year (and I'm already over this year's 60-book goal, and I'm planning on polishing off another one or two before New Year's).

All that said, this Book Riot Read Harder challenge seems pretty, well, challenging. And I think that means I'm in. I'm all twitchy just thinking about how I'm going to meet all of those smaller challenges that make up the larger challenge. Who's with me?

1 comment:

J.R. said...

Since I failed my challenge this year I don't think I can do it. I'll read it again more carefully.

Did you see they made a goodreads group for it?