Monday, November 15

The gift that keeps on giving

I interviewed Biz on Friday for my blogging article (last interview! Yes!) and he said that blogging was like "giving a little bit of yourself to the web." (That explains why I keep shrinking.) His book is out at last. I made a special trip to B&N just to check that bad boy out, and Jen just happened to be with me because we are joined at the hip. I couldn't find the computers section to save my life, so we went to the information desk, and Jen assured me that I would not have to say "Who let the blogs out" aloud. As it turns out, I did have to say it. Jen totally wussed out and made me do it. But it was all worth it to find the book on the shelf. There's just something rewarding about seeing a book that you talked about for so long in actual book format. I can't wait to read it. If I know Stone's writing technique, reading the book will be just like having lunch with him and talking about ants. No veggie roll-ups, but nonetheless, good times.

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