Wednesday, December 22

Adventures in shopping

I spent most of my day shopping yesterday (a fun treat for my birthday). I bought all manner of important and respectable gifts -- perfume, DVDs, PS2 games, pasta pots, etc -- then I decided to treat myself. First, I bought myself a chocolate frappe at Friendly's, and I swear to god, that thing was the love of my life. Maybe it was being in the mall for that length of time, but it was the best damn frappe ever. I was so sorry to see it end, I had to buy myself something else. And so I picked up the pink thong. And that's when I ran into an older colleague from work. Who did not have the mercy to divert her eyes from the pink thong and pretend she didn't see it. Do you know how hard it is to make polite conversation when you're holding a pink thong? "Yeah, so, my family's in town for the holidays. Yeah, we'll be having Christmas at my sister's place in New Hampshire. Um-hmm. Oh, the boys are coming home? That's great. Let's forget you ever saw the thong, okay? It. Never. Happened."

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