Tuesday, September 6

B is for blogs, blogs, blogs

But A ... my name is Allison is the only blog that counts today. (Well, okay, the other blogs count, and in fact, I'm coming to love them, so go visit them again.)

At first, I just liked that all her posts started with the Sue-Grafton-esque titles. And then I actually read the posts, and I liked those, too. And it's not like I can identify with Operation Boyfriend or anything, no. Or with any of her many addictions. Or with the fact that she is completely insane: "I have grey hairs, punks. DON'T USE THAT AGAINST ME IN AN ARGUMENT EVER OR I WILL BASH YOUR KNEECAPS WITH MY PARTICULARLY COARSE GRAY HAIR STRANDS. I will Tonya Harding your ass." Dude, I think she's serious.

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