Wednesday, September 7

Run away!

Is it cheating to look for a blog of the day? Because I went for a run this afternoon, came back, realized I needed to blog, and decided today's theme was running. Which was kind of hard, since I'm really not into detailed running reports. I mean, I really don't like running that much. Whilst searching for the perfect running blog, I found All Out of Angst, which has just enough fitness to qualify.

I have to admit I picked it because I am never out of angst. And neither is our faithful blogger. Other than that, I'm not sure why I picked this one. True, he likes Drew. And fine booty. And I always appreciate anyone who can recognize when someone needs a beat down. But besides those things? I don't know. I'm finding more and more that what I like in a blog is undefinable, even to myself.

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