Friday, September 9


There's so much of who we are that we do not choose: The color of our eyes, the slant of our smiles, who we love. I don't choose to share my coming out story with the internet (mostly because it's not that interesting), but I try not to hide who I am (either here or in the world at large). But I do choose to share this with you: Chris is Coming Out at 48, which I can't even imagine. Luckily for me, he writes about it at length and with great skill: "I'm beginning this blog because my heart is overflowing. It has been overflowing for a long time, but its taken awhile to figure out where to let it flow. So maybe I can create a place, a really open and honest place, a place where what is in one's heart gets expressed, a place where a married man who comes out at age 48 can tell his story. And those of you who hear this story can tell one back. Or argue a point. Or ask a question. Or remind us something that we need to be reminded of."

He's already reminded me of the time when I didn't know who I was, or who I was becoming, and it was scary and lonely. But perhaps necessary.

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