Friday, September 9

The wide world of sports

People, last night was hectic. The Sox were playing the Angels (let's not speak of it). The Pats had their season opener against the Raiders, and Tommy boy was on the field in all his helmeted glory. The WNBA had two conference final games, back-to-back. I was swamped. I'm not sure if my remote control has seen that much of a workout since America's Next Top Model was on opposite Lost.

Sure, I didn't get much sleep and I'm not sure if my heart will ever recover from being a sports fan, but it was worth it. The night was pretty much a split decision: The Sox lost, but the Pats won (Tommy was en fuego, people). Indiana lost (how can you not root for Catch?), but Sacramento won.

Tonight, the Yankees. May they go down in flames, the bastards.

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