Thursday, September 8

Edify your mind

I'm losing track; what day are we on? It doesn't matter. Edify is going home with the link today.

I know, I know, I tried going with blogs that were different from my usual for awhile there, but I'm back to what I like. And what I like is writing. And movies. And books. Eric writes about all of them, but picks really good shit, like A Widow for One Year (one of my favorite John Irving books) and Bookmark Now (which is seriously on my wishlist). He also knows the importance of a good popcorn flick and how Rachel McAdams is becoming one of those actresses you inexplicably really, really like. But besides blatantly appealing to all my weaknesses, the writing is thoughtful: "I came out here to pursue a career in -- yes, showbusiness. I'm a screenwriter. Although I'm not sure if pursue is the right term. The word makes me think of a man or woman chasing after something. But how does one chase after a career? Really, you can only work at accomplishing what you want. You go to a job interview to get a job, but you don't chase it around like a dog." (You actually can chase a career around like a dog, but usually all it gets you is a bop on the nose.)

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