Thursday, September 8

Electric cigarette love baby

As I am wont to do, I pulled out a random CD this morning to listen to, and today's choice just happened to be Morphine's Yes. Which is neither here nor there (though it's an awesome disc and y'all should own everything Mark Sandman ever touched with his god-like hands), except that it contains the classic Super Sex, which informs us that the president is super, super sexy. And while nothing on god’s green earth could ever move me to do the deed with our current commander-in-chief, while talking with a friend last night, I admitted that I would sleep with Clinton. And you can’t mention Clinton and sex in the same breath without Monica coming up, so my friend took this opportunity to blast Clinton for sleeping with her. He claims that the Pres should have screwed someone better looking, to which I said, "You would have fucked her." And he paused, then said, "Yeah, I probably would."

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