Saturday, February 27

The winter of my discontent

In addition to the whole "sick forfuckingever" thing, I have also hit a little patch of "I don't like anything." (Excluding, of course, the Olympics, except for the part where Apolo got DQ'd and I was all "That's bullshit, man!" and then tried to remember to be reasonable, and strange shit goes down in short track all the time, and then I was still all, "Fuck you, short track!" And then I moved on. Sort of.) Bygones. The point is this: I didn't like stuff. And that's kind of rare for me, because I'm pretty picky, and I don't usually buy shit unless I'm in the 85-90% sure I'm going to like it realm.

So, I read Iodine by Haven Kimmel -- didn't like it. Loved, loved, loved her other books, and this one left me cold. It felt contrived, and kind of pretentious, and I checked like three times to make sure it wasn't a first novel published after her other successes. It felt like a first novel -- trying to shove in all that crap we learn in college, over-use of psychology, dreams, journals -- just, I don't know, ick. And then I picked up Mat Kearney's City of Black and White (heard a great song on Friday Night Lights, had to have it, realized I had another song by Mat that I also loved, figured go for the whole album). Boom! I do really enjoy City of Black and White. But! But, I also picked up Nothing Left to Lose (it's only $7.99, I like his other stuff, win/win!). However, Nothing Left to Lose was not good. Don't get me wrong -- there are a few tracks on it I like, but one of them I already had from iTunes. And the rest of the album consists of these weird pseudo-rap songs that I absolutely hate.

March better pick up from here, or the cranky is going to get out of control.

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