Wednesday, May 12

My commute is almost exactly the length of the Court Yard Hounds CD

I know this because I've been listening to it in my car pretty much every day since I got it. Sure, I also bought the new Josh Ritter (and listened all the way through, and loved it) on the same day, but as it's a very mellow, man-with-his-guitar thing, I've been leaning toward the Court Yard Hounds. Do they sound pretty much like the Dixie Chicks? Yup. And in such a good way. I'd say this disc has a little less rocking country element to it than your typical Chicks album, but there are still several tracks that I turn up loud and drum along on the steering wheel. In fact, I like all the songs so much, I can't even pick a favorite right now. The Coast? Excellent. See You in the Spring (with Jakob Dylan)? Love it. All.So.Good. Buy it. You won't regret it. Unless you hate the Dixie Chicks. And any kind of pseudo-country-folk type music. Then you might regret it, and curse my name for all eternity. But I can take it.


Carolyn said...

I would really like to check it out. But I am preventing myself from buying many albums right now due to unemployed income-free status. And I want the new National more than I want this and I certainly can't justify buying TWO new albums this month. My god, people!

Jen said...

I've been trying to hold back on buying the new Meg Hutchinson CD, too. It's rough. Don't go into a record store where they might have both the CYH and Josh Ritter on sale, so you're forced to buy them both along with a Springsteen that's missing from your collection. I'm just sayin.