Monday, June 7

Junk food binge

Not only have I been eating pretty consistently crappily since, oh, forever really, but I've been on a brain junk-food binge, as well. It started out all innocent and shit, just reading a few mysteries. And then a couple of romance novels. But now I'm all bloated and lazy, and I don't want to pick up a real novel that has heft, and substance, and I don't know, complex sentence structure. So, instead, I spent most of my weekend playing video games. Alan Wake, for the most part, though I threw in some Guitar Hero 5 and Lego Indiana Jones 2 for good measure. That certainly helped return my mind to peak form. Yeah. Brains are overrated, anyway.


Patricia Elizabeth Arriaza said...

Not a motto zombies would get behind I think.

Jen said...

True. But they don't want to use them, just eat them.