Friday, August 14

A big little movie or a little big movie?

I finally went to see Ant-Man the other night, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I didn't rush out to see it right away like I did with Avengers or Captain America, because I was put off by the very concept of an "ant-man." It seemed like a pretty stupid superhero to me, but I've loved Paul Rudd ever since Clueless, so clearly, I was torn. Luckily, the stepdaughter went to see it first, and she loved it, so we gave it a shot. (Any recommendations from the children are taken with a liberal grain of salt, as they almost always "love" everything. Seriously, they haven't learned to be discerning. Of course, J.R. would claim that I am no one to talk, since I unabashedly love several not-so-great movies, including but not limited to: The Secret of My Success, Con Air, and almost any teen movie John Hughes ever touched.* Bygones.)

The point is, I still really, really like Paul Rudd. He managed to pull off a combination of superhero and snark quite well, and the supporting cast was hilarious. I particularly liked Michael Pena as Luis, and I'm pretty sure I would watch the movie for his scenes alone. I'm also a huge fan of Anthony Mackie since we saw him at Emerald City Comic-Con earlier this year, so the appearance of Falcon was quite welcome. Also, I liked that they tied it into the Avengers universe without overshadowing Ant-Man. Okay, I still hate the name, but I'll come to grips with it eventually. Probably.

*Notable exception: I hate Pretty in Pink. Hate. Loathe. Despise. Despite the fact that Andrew McCarthy was my guy throughout adolescence, his character was a total dick in that movie and never should have got the girl. Plus, his name was Blane. Stupid.


Patricia Elizabeth said...

Pretty in Pink is one of those movies that I used to defend in my younger years. I'd get offended whenever anyone ragged on it. Now? I still like it but I have to admit I also haven't watched it ages. Plus, I might be a teensy bit embarrassed about the fact that while other people rant about how awful Blaine was, I mostly was enraged by the idea that the dress she made was remotely better than the original. I could buy into a lot, apparently, but not that. :)

longboards for the Beginners said...
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