Thursday, July 1

I'm used to four seasons, Seattle's got but one

No way is it f-ing July, people. No. Way. It's still cool and rainy here in scenic Seattle, and while most of the time I don't mind (I come from the ice planet of Hoth, and I don't miss shoveling), it's time for a little sun. Just a little. And maybe temperatures above 67? Can we think about it? I need some frickin' vitamin D here.

(Bonus points for those who can correctly identify the song from which I stole my title.)


Michelle said...

How about 92 degrees with 97% humidity for 7 months out of the year? But, you would get more sun. Houston awaits you!

Anonymous said...

OK Jen what is the song? I'm dying to know and can't think of any. Mom

Jen said...

"California" by Bob Dylan. (I replaced "California" with Seattle. Obviously.)