Thursday, February 6

It takes more than whiskey to make that flower bloom

Now, as much as I'd like to be the cool chick who drinks whiskey on the regular, I think we all know that's not me. Sure, in my head I'm some variation on Marlene Dietrich (with better eyebrows) who is far too jaded and eyebrow-arching to drink anything other than whiskey (neat), but in reality, I'm more a Mountain Dew and margaritas woman. We can't all be smoky, dammit. Bygones. My point is this: I recently discovered Chris Stapleton. (Yes, I know, I'm about five years late to the party. Shut it.) And many (many!) of his songs are either about whiskey or feature it prominently. Sure, this seems like rampant alcoholism, but it's damn good music. And it has inspired my latest attempt at the perfect playlist, the Whiskey Mix. Sure, it's got Stapleton's version of Tennessee Whiskey (so good) and Whiskey and You (even better), and the Doors' Alabama Song. And a few others so far that evoke the right mood (Thin Line … because whiskey, and because always HoneyHoney. Always). I'll keep working on this list, because with the way the world is going, I really, really need a stiff drink. And this may be as good as it gets for me.

Update: Spotify playlist, bitches!

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paris77 said...

i love can be here, thank for wellcoming